Brake Upgrade: JUIN TECH GT-F 4

When I purchased my bike the one component I planned on upgrading was the mechanical brakes. Bring a larger rider, more mass is harder to slow down and the power of the brakes could get a little sketchy at times.

After doing a lot of research, ruling out a total hydraulic conversion due to get need to purchase new brake/shifters. I found a number of reviews for the JUIN TECH GT-F 4 cable driven hydraulic brake calipers, they seem to be popular upgrades for eBikes. These are unique as they retain the brake cables but still increase the stopping power of hydraulic calipers. JUIN TECH makes both a single piston and a four piston model.

Simple Install

The JUIN TECH GT-F 4 calipers come with a user-friendly design that makes installation a breeze. The clear instructions provided in the package guided me step by step, and I had the calipers mounted on my bike in no time. The simple setup process means that even if you’re not an experienced mechanic, you’ll be able to get these brakes up and running without any hassle.

Increased Stopping Power

The performance of these hydraulic brake calipers is truly remarkable. They provide a noticeable increase in stopping power compared to my previous mechanical brakes. The GT-F 4’s efficient hydraulic system allows for smoother and more precise braking, which not only enhances safety but also makes for a more enjoyable ride. Descending steep hills or stopping quickly has never felt more controlled and secure.

Upgraded Cables

To further improve the performance of the JUIN TECH GT-F 4 calipers, I decided to replace the stock cables with Jagwire polished cables. This upgrade proved to be a fantastic choice, as it made the action even smoother and more responsive. While the stock cables were adequate, the Jagwire polished cables added an extra level of refinement to my braking system that I truly appreciate.

In conclusion, the JUIN TECH GT-F 4 cable driven hydraulic brake calipers are an outstanding investment for any cyclist looking to enhance their bike’s performance. With a simple installation process and a significant increase in stopping power, these calipers have truly transformed my riding experience. Plus, upgrading the cables to Jagwire polished cables has provided even smoother action. I highly recommend the JUIN TECH GT-F 4 calipers to any cyclist seeking a reliable and efficient braking solution.

Juin Tech GT-F 4

Jagwire – Road Pro Brake DIY Cable Kit

One thought on “Brake Upgrade: JUIN TECH GT-F 4

  1. 100% agreed. GTF are as good as any hydro with none of the attending headaches. They definitely do need the non compressible housing and the jagwire sport or pro cables, really shine with these!

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