RedShift Kitchen Sink Handlebar System Review: A Handlebar Game-Changer

In the realm of cycling, it’s often the smallest components that can make the biggest impact on your overall riding experience. For me, a seemingly simple exploration of the RedShift cruise control grips opened a whole new realm of consideration for my bike’s handlebar setup. Today, I’d love to share my experience and thoughts on the RedShift Kitchen Sink Handlebar System.

If you’ve been following me, you’ll probably remember I just installed new bars at the start of the season. I wasn’t in the market for a new set of handlebars. I have zero complaints about the Richy Comp Drop Handboards I reviewed HERE. I was initially intrigued by RedShift’s cruise control grips, and upon browsing through their website, I came to the realization that my existing handlebars might have been too narrow for my preference. The persuasive power of a well-constructed and informative website!

After some thought, I opted for the Kitchen Sink Handlebar without the loop. While the loop is certainly a unique option providing extra bar space and alternative hand placements, I felt that the standard setup would suffice for my riding style and needs.

The installation process was a breeze. RedShift’s installation videos were exceptionally informative and well-structured. From removing your old handlebars to correctly aligning the new ones and even tips on how to wrap the bars efficiently, the content provided was comprehensive and easy to follow. The bars themselves have markings on them for both the hood mounting and the grip mounting, making it really easy to get it perfectly matched on both sides. I felt confident throughout the process, and within a short time, I was ready to hit the road with my newly installed handlebar system.

However, I did run into a small hiccup during the installation process. While wrapping the bars, I found that the “Really Long Bar Tape” they provided was prone to tearing if too much tension was applied. My advice here would be to approach this task with a delicate hand and some patience. However, despite this minor setback, I was able to recover and complete the installation successfully.

Now, having ridden with the RedShift Kitchen Sink Handlebar System and Cruise Control Grips for over a month, I can confidently say this product is nothing short of a revelation. The difference it has made to my comfort level is profound. The ergonomics of the handlebars and grips have given me such a pleasant ride that I could even contemplate ditching my padded gloves if I so desired.

The cruise control grips are a standout feature. Designed to alleviate pressure points on your hands, they have indeed helped significantly with hand and arm pain. The grips allow for a more even distribution of pressure across the palm of your hand, relieving stress on the wrist and forearms. This has transformed my longer rides into a far more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

To conclude, the RedShift Kitchen Sink Handlebar System with cruise control grips has been a superb addition to my bike setup. Despite the slight hiccup with the bar tape during installation, the overall ease of the process, coupled with the significant increase in comfort and versatility in hand placements, makes this product a worthwhile investment for any avid cyclist. It’s not just a handlebar system; it’s a game-changer.

The RedShift Kitchen Sink Gravel Bike Handlebar System can be found here –

Ride safe!

Cody, The Plus Sized Cyclist

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