Wheelset Upgrade – Wheel Master 700c DT G 540

After breaking a total of 4 spokes last year I was on the search for a new wheelset, something that would increase durability. After some research, I came across the Wheel Master 700c DT G 540 wheelset, which I purchased from 365 Cycle on eBay for less than $400. In this blog post, I’ll share my experience with these wheels, how they’ve improved my bike, and my switch to a less aggressive tire for lower rolling resistance.

One of the main reasons I opted for the Wheel Master 700c DT G 540 wheelset was the increased durability. My stock Cannondale wheelset had 28 spokes, while the DT G 540s have 32 spokes. This difference makes them more resistant to the stresses that come with being a larger rider and riding more aggressive terrain. Hopefully they help with broken spokes and bent rims this season.

To further enhance the performance of my new wheelset, I decided to switch to a less aggressive tire. I settled on a set of Fincci tires from Amazon, which offer lower rolling resistance while still providing some grip in the tread pattern. This combination makes them perfect for road cycling, giving me the ability to ride more efficiently and comfortably.

The process of mounting the Fincci tires onto the Wheel Master 700c DT G 540 wheelset proved to be quite challenging. The anti-puncture belt and the stiffness of the tires made it difficult to get them properly seated on the rims. Despite the struggle, I only managed to mangle one tube in the process, which I consider a minor victory!

Once the tires were finally mounted, I immediately noticed a difference in how much easier my bike rolled. The combination of the new Wheel Master 700c DT G 540 wheelset and the Fincci tires has made a significant improvement in my bike’s performance. I can now ride faster and more efficiently, all while enjoying the added durability that these upgrades provide.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bike’s wheelset, I highly recommend giving the Wheel Master 700c DT G 540 wheelset a try. These wheels, combined with a set of Fincci tires, have made my bike more reliable, efficient, and enjoyable to ride. While the tire mounting process may be challenging, the end result is definitely worth it.

365 Cycle on eBay

Fincci 700c Antipuncture Tires on Amazon

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