Discovering Comfort and Performance with the Ritchey Comp Beacon Drop Handlebar

As a larger rider, I always struggled to ride in the drops, meaning user the lower portion of drop handlebars. It seemed like a waste to have drop bars and only using the upright and hood positions. That’s when I came across the Ritchey Comp Beacon Drop Handlebar, and my cycling experience has been revolutionized ever since!

I first discovered the Richey Comp Beacon Drop Handlebars while browsing the REI Spring Sale and looking for something to spend my membership rewards. Ritchey has a solid reputation for creating high-quality components, and the Comp Beacon Drop Handlebar is no exception. At first glance, the handlebar might seem similar to traditional drop bars, but there’s a game-changing difference: the wide offset drops. These drops are set higher than traditional drop bars, providing an unprecedented level of comfort while riding in the drops. This unique design is perfect for cyclists like me who spend extended periods in the drops and often experience discomfort.

The moment I installed the Ritchey Comp Beacon on my bike, I could feel the difference. My hands naturally settled into the drops, and it felt as if the handlebar was designed just for me! The wide offset drops allowed me to maintain a more relaxed grip, which significantly reduced the pressure on my wrists and hands. This ergonomic design has truly transformed my riding experience.

Aside from the unparalleled comfort, the Ritchey Comp Beacon also offers excellent performance. Constructed with double-butted 6061 aluminum, the handlebar is lightweight yet durable. It’s perfect for those who want to shed some weight off their bike without compromising on strength or reliability. The 31.8mm clamp diameter ensures a secure connection to the stem, boosting confidence during those high-speed descents and tight turns.

Another aspect of the Ritchey Comp Beacon that I love is its versatility. The handlebar’s design caters to various hand positions, allowing me to switch things up and find the most comfortable grip depending on the terrain or how I feel during a ride.

The Ritchey Comp Beacon Drop Handlebar has completely changed the way I ride. The wide offset drops provide an unmatched level of comfort, allowing me to fully enjoy my time in the drops without any discomfort or strain. The handlebar’s performance and versatility have also made it an indispensable part of my cycling adventures. If you’re looking to upgrade your drop handlebar or simply want to experience the incredible comfort of wide offset drops, I highly recommend giving the Ritchey Comp Beacon a try – I’m confident you’ll love it as much as I do!

Ritchey Comp Beacon Drop Handlebars at REI

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