Let’s Talk Lycra

Ly·cra/ˈlīkrə/: an elastic polyurethane fiber or fabric used especially for close-fitting sports clothing. When I first started getting serious about riding, my “riding apparel” consisted of a pair of gym shorts and bright color Haynes Tshirt. Sure, they worked, kept me comfortable and I didn’t really think twice about it. When I started spending more time in the saddle, I started looking into padded bike shorts to help with “sore butt” – this was before I discovered saddle fitment but started me down the path to “Lycra”. It took a lot of trial and error to find padded shorts that… Read More

Bike and Saddle Fitment

Much like every body is unique, every bike has a unique geometry. Most frames will come in Small through Extra Large. I am far from an expert in the engineering behind the sizing and shape of bikes and bike frames, but I can vouch for the importance of a properly fit bike. I recommend everyone get a fitment from your local bike shop, this normally has a cost but is worth the benefits it provides. I’ve ridden bikes that are both too large and too small, purchased whatever I could find at the the local big box store. For larger… Read More