Greetings! My name is Cody Dean and I am The Plus Sized Cyclist. On this page you will find information about my journey to get fit by way of two wheels, product reviews and tips for other riders like me.

Why “Plus Sized Cyclist” – I am 6’4″ and currently 360Lbs (and dropping), this isn’t the figure for a cyclist… and if you do research, there is the category of “Clydesdale” riders, which is those over 200lbs. Most riders in this class I found fall just around that weight range. I am not a fan of this nomenclature.

I’ve always enjoyed riding bicycles but until a few years ago my bikes have always been those “box store” brands, nothing wrong with them, if it gets you out and active, great! However, after deciding to invest in myself and my health, I picked up my first bike from my local bike shop. I will be creating a post about this experience in the future, as it posed some challenges being a larger figured person. My first rides on my new bikes were a couple miles at most, and I took pride in every one of those miles! Fast forward a few years, my range has increased, my fitness has improved, and I still enjoy every moment on the saddle!

So, welcome to my page, I hope you decide to follow my adventures and I hope it helps others know that it’s okay to be an atypical cyclist on the road or on the trail!


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